What We Grow

Russet Burbank

Russet Burbanks are larger oblong potatoes with russet-coloured skin and white flesh. They have a fluffy texture and are a favourite for baking, french fries, and mashed potatoes. We grow Russet Burbank potatoes for seed.

Yellow Flesh Potatoes

Yellow potatoes are round with tan skin and yellow flesh. They have a smooth and buttery texture that makes them an excellent choice for roasting, grilling, or mashing. We grow two varieties of yellow fleshed potatoes on our farm: Electra and Satina. We grow yellow potatoes for seed and for table potatoes.


Creamers, or small potatoes, are a popular choice for restaurants or quick meal preparation at home. We grow three red varieities and one yellow variety of creamers on our farm. These varieties are harvested earlier in the season before they get larger.

Did You Know...

Potatoes can be white, yellow, purple, red, blue, and more? Not only are potatoes available in many different colours, they also come in different sizes, shapes, and can be prepared in various ways depending on what type of potato they are!

Based on their characteristics, potatoes are separated into different categories called varieties. There are over 200 varieities of potatoes grown in North America.


Potatoes grown for…seed! A seed potato is cut into pieces called sets. The set sprouts from the eyes of the potato to grow a new plant. One potato plant produces an average of 12 new potatoes. Potatoes, which are tubers, are genetic clones of the seed potato. Thirty percent of the potatoes we grow on our farm are for seed.

These potatoes go to grocery stores, restaurants, and other food retailers – they are the ones that end up on your dinner table! There are many different types, or varieties of potatoes. Each variety has its own strengths, can be prepared in various ways, and has its own unique taste. We grow seventy percent of our potatoes for the table market.

Processing potatoes are the potatoes that are made into other food products such as french fries, hashbrowns, or boxed potatoes. We do not grow any potatoes specifically for this market but all of our potatoes that have slight imperfections become processing potatoes so we do not have any wasted product.

Fun Facts

Potatoes turn green when they are exposed to light. This is because the potato is producing chlorophyll which is harmless but the green colour can indicate the presence of other toxins. In large amounts, green potatoes can be poisonous for humans.  It is best to avoid consuming the green portions by cutting them away before preparing your potatoes.

A new potato is a potato of any variety that was recently harvested, usually before they have a chance to get very large. These potatoes have light, delicate skin and are best prepared by boiling with the skin on. 

Yes! Potatoes are rich in antioxidants and nutrient dense. They contain high amounts of potassium and vitamin C.

The Guinness World Record for the heaviest potato ever grown was set in 2011 in the UK. The potato weighed 10 lbs. 14 oz. or 4.98 kg.

Potatoes were first cultivated by the Inca in the Andes of Peru. The potato was brought to Europe during the 16th century and is now an important crop grown around the world.

PEI potato farmers grow 2.5 billion pounds of potatoes - 60% for processing, 30% for fresh table markets, and 10% for seed. Approximately 25% of the potatoes produced in Canada are grown on PEI. Canada is among the top 20 potato producing countries in the world.

Why is PEI an excellent place to grow potatoes?

Potatoes are best stored in a cool, dark, and well-ventilated space. They have the longest shelf life when unwashed.

In 1949, George Lerner invented a toy that included facial features to be added to real fruits and vegetables. Hasbro began distributing the toy kit in 1952 and included the plastic potato body beginning in 1964. Mr. Potato Head was also the first toy to be advertised on television!

It's National Potato Day! Enjoy your PEI potatoes prepared your favourite way or try something new!


PEI Potato Pizza

Potato Bacon Cheddar Tart

Potato Salad with Fresh Corn and Basil

PEI Potato Cinnamon Rolls

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